Rolex in Relojería Alemana in Palma de Mallorca calle Colón


Rolex counter in Relojería Alemana of calle Colón

In 1879, the German William Krug founded Relojeria Alemana in the Colon Street in Palma, the first Rolex boutique in the island, which has remained in the same location for more than 140 years. In 1922, dying childless, Krug left his business to his partner and friend Pablo Fuster, great grandfather of the current generation at front of Relojeria Alemana – Rolex: the siblings Blanca, Paula and Pablo Fuster.

Its classic design keeps the essence of the values and tradition of the Fuster family and Rolex, based in sharing the same values of quality, precision and excellence. Being the biggest of the three boutiques, fine watchmaking lovers will be able to find the brand’s service, distinction and tradition.

Rolex in Palma de Mallorca - Relojería Alemana of calle Colón
Rolex private space Relojería Alemana of calle Colón

The space has also different private spaces, a showroom and Relojeria Alemana central office. In the same building you can also find the Rolex Technical Service, completely equipped, where Rolex-trained professionals work and take care of each one of the watches.