Patek Philippe Watches

With over 140 years of history, Relojería Alemana has become the benchmark for fine watchmaking in Mallorca. Since the 1960s, it has had the pleasure of being the official retailer of Patek Philippe, the leading brand in the sector.

Relojería Alemana & Patek Philippe

Relojeria Alemana, founded in 1879 by German entrepreneur William Krug in Colon Street in Palma, is one of the oldest watch boutiques in Spain. Relojeria Alemana is the official retailer of Patek Philippe, the reference brand in Haute Horlogerie. The relationship between the two firms began in the 1960s and its creator is Pablo Fuster Tarongí, son of Gaspar Fuster Forteza, who succeeded Guillermo Krug as director of the firm.

"One of the most important values is that, like us, Patek Philippe is a family business with all that this entails; commitment to quality, emotion, tradition. Understanding that their watches become a legacy from father to son is part of that circle that can only be understood by living the company as a family." These are the values and affinity between the two firms highlighted by Blanca, Paula and Pablo, the members of the fourth Fuster generation and current heads of Relojeria Alemana.
The Fuster family also remember with great pride the special edition of the World Time watch in which, coinciding with the 135th anniversary of Relojeria Alemana, Palma de Mallorca was included as a reference city in the ring of time zones. Two exclusive series were manufactured from this watch.

An anecdote of great significance was when a Spanish collector insisted and managed to acquire the top watch in Patek's catalogue, the first Sky Moon Tourbillon ref. 5002 sold in Spain, in the Mallorcan firm's own establishment. Until then, customers who opted and were approved to sell this exceptional watch had to travel personally to the Patek Philippe Salons in Geneva to purchase it.

Another proof of the exceptional relationship between Relojería Alemana and Patek Philippe is the fact of having arranged and sold the first Patek Philippe wristwatch of regular production with the Grande Sonnerie complication, a masterpiece that features no less than 20 complications.