Relojería Alemana Jewelry

Relojería Alemana and Rolex CROSSING PATHS

A more than 140 years history of tradition and passion about watchmaking.

Old Relojería Alemana facade in Mallorca

Brought together by their shared vision, the Fuster family and Rolex began their succesful relationship in the 1930s. The oldest Relojeria Alemana boutique, located from the beginning in the Colon street in Palma, was run by Pablo Fuster, great grandfather of the current generation in front of the business. His son Gaspar Fuster joined the company in 1937, bringing with him the innovation and forward-looking spirit that led him to bring the big European brands to Mallorca.

Thanks to their precision, water-resistance and toughness, Rolex watches began to be seen in the most famous wrists of the world. At the same time, Relojería Alemana, through its experience, tradition and exclusiveness, kept constantly evolving, expanding with new stores and becoming a referent in the jewelry industry of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands.

Relojería Alemana old shop counter in Mallorca


Since the beginning, the relationship between Rolex and Relojeria Alemana as offitial dealers in the island of Mallorca has lasted for more than 70 years, adapting to new times and spreading the shared values of precision, quality and excellence.

Rolex and Relojería Alemana relationship beginnings