Rolex Yacht-Master II Oyster, 44 mm, yellow gold m116688-0002

  • Rolex Yacht-Master II yellow gold and White Dial in Relojería Alemana
  • Rolex watch Yacht-Master II yellow gold and White Dial in Relojería Alemana
  • Case reloj Rolex Yacht-Master II yellow gold and White Dial  Relojería Alemana
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Model case

Oyster, 44 mm, yellow gold


Rolex Ring Command (bidirectional 90° rotatable interacting with the movement) in 18 ct gold with blue Cerachrom insert in ceramic and numerals coated in gold


Waterproof to 100 metres / 330 feet


Perpetual, mechanical, self-winding, cronógrafo de regata


4161, Manufacture Rolex

Power reserve

Approximately 72 hours


Oyster, three-piece solid links




Superlative Chronometer (COSC + Rolex certification after casing)
Simulation wrist el Rolex watch Yacht-Master II in Relojería Alemana
BIDIRECTIONAL ROTATABLE BEZEL Yacht-Master II in Relojería Alemana

Ring command bezel

Rolex achieved perfection when it turned its attention to redefining the purpose and functionality of the bezel. Typically, a bezel operates independently from the internal mechanism; however, the Ring Command bezel in the Yacht-Master II regatta chronograph operates in conjunction with it. As a mechanical component linked to the movement, the bezel literally acts as the key to the programmable countdown, allowing it to be set and synchronised to the sequence of race start times. Complex in design, but simple in use, it is functionally beautiful.

White Dial

The Yacht-Master II is equipped with a new dial, and new hands that are characteristic of Rolex Professional models, enhancing legibility and sharpening its aesthetic appeal. The dial now features a triangular hour marker at 12 o’clock and a rectangular hour marker at 6 o’clock for more intuitive reading of the watch. A luminescent disc on the hour hand clearly distinguishes it from the minute hand. The Yacht-Master II’s countdown can be programmed for a duration of between 1 and 10 minutes. The programming is memorized by the mechanism so that at a reset it returns to the previous setting. Once launched, the countdown can be synchronized on the fly to match the official race countdown.

White Dial Yacht-Master II in Relojería Alemana
18 CT Yellow gold Yacht-Master II in Relojería Alemana

18 CT Yellow gold

By operating its own exclusive foundry, Rolex has the unrivalled ability to cast the highest quality 18 ct gold alloys. According to the proportion of silver, copper, platinum or palladium added, different types of 18 ct gold are obtained: yellow, pink or white. They are made with only the purest metals and meticulously inspected in an in-house laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, before the gold is formed and shaped with the same painstaking attention to quality. Rolex"s commitment to excellence begins at the source.

Corona Rolex watch Yacht-Master II yellow gold and White Dial in Relojería Alemana

Model availability

All Rolex watches are assembled by hand with the utmost care to ensure exceptional quality. Such high standards naturally restrict Rolex production capacity and, at times, the demand for Rolex watches outpaces this capacity.

Therefore, the availability of certain models may be limited. New Rolex watches are exclusively sold by Official Rolex Retailers, who receive regular deliveries and independently manage the allocation and sales of watches to customers.

Relojería Alemana is proud to be part of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Retailers and can provide information on the availability of Rolex watches.


Sinónimos de excelencia and fiabilidad, los Rolex Watches están diseñados para el día a día, and en función del modelo, se adaptan perfectamente a una gran variedad de actividades and deportes. Fabricados para durar, estos relojes se caracterizan por su distintiva estética atemporal. El Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II es un cronógrafo de regata único. Descubra más sobre sus características and cómo ajustar la hora and, para un inicio de carrera perfecto, cómo usar la exclusiva función de cuenta atrás al ver el vídeo.

The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II embody the spirit of the sailor. Inspired by the rich heritage that has bound Rolex to the world of sailing since the 1950s, the Yacht-Master blends function and style, while the Yacht-Master II brings together the finest in Rolex technology to create a regatta chronograph built for yacht racing.

Dial Rolex Yacht-Master 42 in Relojería Alemana



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