Stylish fine watchmaking pieces, timeless and very feminine

Iconic Calatrava watch for women by Patek Philippe: excellence in watchmaking
Patek Philippe conveys its savoir faire in each of its fine watchmaking creations for women. The Genevan maison combines its classics with updated versions of its most emblematic models in keeping with current taste. Patek Philippe watches for women have become true icons that endure over the years. Timeless designs with elegant finishes and the highest watchmaking excellence characterise the latest women’s watches proposals by Patek Philippe, the last independent Genevan manufacturer.

Complications in Patek Philippe watches for women

Among other reasons, Patek Philippe stands out for its expertise in the art of watch complications, which encompasses engineering, craftsmanship, and aesthetic genius aimed at knowing or measuring the time.
One of Patek Philippe’s best-known complications is its patented annual calendar, which was launched in 1996, and the 5147 is a watch model for modern women that masterfully integrates it into its design. An engineering success by watchmaking specialists and one of Patek Philippe’s flagship models.
It is an exclusive moon phase timepiece that stands out for its 62-diamond-set bezel. This watch perfectly blends the watchmaking excellence of complications with exceptionally elegant aesthetic details.
World Time is another of the manufacturer’s flagship complications. The 7130G watch indicates all 24 time zones on the planet in a new white gold version, with a gray-blue hand guilloched, set with diamonds and a shiny peacock-blue alligator strap
The 7130R timepiece completes the Patek Philippe tradition and includes its World Time complication in a watch for women. The taste for innovation, one of Patek Philippe’s core values, brings back this proposal with its olive-green dial in a perfect blend of originality, modernity, and elegance. Its rose gold case, bezel set with 62 diamonds, and hand-stitched leather define a piece that displays full mastery of high craftsmanship techniques.

Twenty-4, the first Patek Philippe ladies’ watch

Launched in 1999, Twenty~4® is the first exclusively feminine collection. Its original design already contemplated the wrist in search of the fullest harmony. After more than twenty years, this Patek Philippe watch remains a timeless epitome of feminine elegance.
“Manchette”-style models with quartz movement are updated to show a modern collection that accompanies women 24 hours a day.
The Genevan manufacturer introduces a new self-winding mechanical-movement Twenty~4 model with a round steel case. A unique timepiece with a modern design and a blue or green dial. An exclusive watch that adapts to dynamic women’s pace, its bezel is set with 160 diamonds arranged in two staggered rows.

Calatrava, the quintessence of feminine elegance in a watch

The Calatrava collection imprints its own hallmark and pure style on watches for women. The Patek Philippe 7200 model stands out for the innate elegance radiated by the blend of a discrete, functional, and refined design with a timeless and distinguished appearance. The Breguet numerals or the bezel set with 142 diamonds using the exclusive Flammé gem setting technique are proof of this.
Model 4997G with its white gold case, automatic movement, and 76-diamond setting is another of the most charming watches of the Calatrava collection. The recently launched 4997R is characterised by its eye-catching dial, embossed with concentric motifs using the guilloché technique, and coated with more than 50 layers of translucent lacquer. An exclusive timepiece that includes up to 150 functions and whose production time ranges from four to six months, just for the dial. A watch in rose gold and with purple details that is as feminine as it is original.
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