Features that can turn a timepiece into a work of art

Watch complications add new features to what is expected of a timepiece
The term complication suggests something that is difficult and intricate. In watchmaking, complications are those additional features that complete the timepiece. Anything other than elements showing the hours, minutes and seconds, are considered a watchmaking complication. At Relojería Alemana we offer fine timepieces that incorporate such features; watches that are truly akin to works of art, and genuine mechanical marvels, like Patek Philippe’s creations, for example.

Virtuoso timepieces by Patek Philippe and their complications

When speaking about watch complications, Patek Philippe always comes to mind, it’s what sets them apart; features that are near virtuosity. The watches by this Swiss manufacturer reach the highest peak of the watchmaking art, even arriving at the moon.
Just like the complication showing the phases of the moon, a feature that adds to the information usually given by a timepiece. In Patek Philippe’s designs, we can recognise this element by its disc with stars and two golden moons. The lunar cycle is visually rendered in the small window, beginning with one of the two satellites on the left side, appearing as a waxing, full or waning moon, until it disappears through the right side. The second moon waits patiently to make its entrance and begin the cycle once again.

Annual calendar: a 25-year old watch complication

This 2021, Patek Philippe celebrates the 25th anniversary of its most renowned watchmaking complication of the 20th century: the annual calendar. This calendar automatically updates the date (day, month, day of the week) with a mechanism capable of distinguishing between 30- and 31-day months.
It only requires one manual adjustment per year: the change from February to March. As well as simplifying the watch’s architecture, this correction has attracted the attention of more fine-watchmaking enthusiasts, not only collectors.

The two watch complications of the 4947G-010 timepiece

This watch combines a refined design with an incredible, almost magical, technical power, the hallmark of this Swiss watchmaking brand. The 4947G-010 model by Patek Philippe is a women’s white gold watch with a silvery dial, and a double satin finish reminiscent of Shantung silk, where the lunar cycle and the annual calendar are located. Additionally to these complications, we must mention the elegance of its case, set with 141 diamonds.

Additional features: time zones and more calendars

Another very popular watch complication, especially among those who travel around the world, is the feature that tells time in two or more time zones simultaneously. This innovative element has been added to many designs, revolutionising the latest fine watchmaking creations. To change time zones, there is a button at 10 o’clock to move the hour hand, and the piece synchronises the disc that indicates the city, and the 24-hour display. All at once.

Perpetual and weekly calendars

Perpetual, eternal, durable… Something that lasts forever, or at least for a century. That is the case of the perpetual calendar, a watch complication capable of defying the inaccuracies of time. Timepieces with this feature are programmed to show the right date, even in leap years, until the hundred years have passed. The year indicator has 366 days, which allows the wearer to know in which moment of the 4-year cycle they are. Leap years are marked with the Roman numeral IV, or the number 4.
Patek Philippe’s timepieces include an additional complication: the weekly calendar. This semi-integrated mechanism indicates, as well as the day and date, the number of the current week.

5320G-001, a watch with perpetual calendar for men

Patek Philippe has an automatic perpetual calendar with a contemporary yet vintage look: the 5320G-001 model. Its cream-coloured lacquered dial is decorated with luminescent numbers and hands. This timepiece, inspired by the 40s and 50s style, has a double window that indicates the day of the month, the month, and the day of the week. The virtuoso creations of this Swiss watchmaker become evident with the inclusion of an automatic adjustment in months with 30 days, as well as on the 28th or 29th of February.
The quality, innovation and savoir-faire of big watchmaking brands becomes clear when looking at their ever-more-complicated creations. Patek Philippe’s watches boast of Genevan artistry, fitting their movement with breathtaking complications, always in the smallest case possible. In our Relojería Alemana shops, we would be delighted to show you timepieces by Patek Philippe, as well as other models that truly master the passing of time. We are waiting for you!