The Magic of the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar

What lies beneath the most acclaimed complication of the 20th century?

Watch with Annual Calendar model 5146R in rose gold by Patek Philippe
In 2021, Patek Philippe will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its most renowned watchmaking complication of the 20th century: the Annual Calendar. Since the Swiss manufacturer patented and launched its 5035J reference in 1996, there have been 17 models that incorporated this unique functionality in their range.
There are many watches with simple and perpetual calendars, but none with the recognisable magic touch of the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar. Let's see what makes this genius of fine watchmaking so special and which models you can find at Relojería Alemana shops, Patek Philippe's authorised retailer in Spain.

What is the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar?

The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar is a calendar that automatically updates the date (day, month, day of the week) through a mechanism capable of recognising the months with 30 and 31 days, requiring only one manual adjustment per year: in the transition from February to March.
So what makes the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar so special? The secret lies in the combination of two of the firm's values: innovation and tradition.
The engineering of a standard perpetual calendar becomes tremendously complex in order to bridge the irregularity generated in February. This means that watches incorporating this grand complication are reserved for the world of collecting. However, by creating a perpetual calendar whose architecture is simplified by the idea of manual correction once a year, Patek Philippe makes such unique pieces available to most haute horlogy enthusiasts

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar watch models

As of today, Patek Philippe offers different presentations for its annual calendars that combine the essence of this patent with the latest trends in design. Let's review some of the models from this Swiss manufacture:

: 5146, direct heir to the first Patek Philippe Annual Calendar

The reference 5146 in the Patek Philippe catalogue is the direct heir to the first Annual Calendar of 1996. It preserves the main characteristics of that iconic piece, replacing the 24H indicator with a moon phase indicator and adding a power reserve one.

5396, a classic reinvented that does not fear the course of time

The clean and timeless lines of the Patek Philippe 5396 model make this Annual Calendar a classic that improves over the years. It differs from the first 5035J in that it displays information in windows instead of needles, and changes the Roman numerals into Arabic.

5205, the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar in its purest formn

The 5205 watch is designed for those who want to enjoy the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar in its purest version, free of additives.

5726, the Patek Philippe Nautilus with Annual Calendar

The Nautilus, icon of the Patek Philippe brand, also has its own interpretation of the Annual Calendar, the 5726, with details in black and blue.

4948, Patek Philippe’s Annual Calendar option for women

This selection closes the implementation of the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar for women. We are talking about the 4948, which features diamonds set on the case, crown and buckle.